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For over one hundred and twenty years Kendall, Taylor & Co., Inc. has provided a full range of architectural, engineering, and planning services, including asbestos and lead consulting services.
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Prescott  Commons  is a  proposed development  containing  65 units  arranged  in clusters  nestled  among  surrounding  trees. A traditional  country neighborhood feel is created with GABLED ROOFS, ATTACHED GARAGES AND EACH CLUSTER CONTAINING THREE UNITS. Economy is achieved  to these traditional units  by the use  of pre-manufactured  modular  units.
Prescott Commons Condominiums, Raymond, NH
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Preacott Commons Condoiniums, Raymond, NH
Floor plan of Prescott Commons Condominiums
Floor plan for units
Side view of Prescott Commons CondominiumsOverhead view  of Prescott Commons Condominiums
Side ElevationOverhead View